Céline Thibault

UX Designer, USAA Bank Mobile Redesign

UX Designer, USAA Mobile Banking App Redesign 

USAA is a Texas-based financial institution offering military families banking, investment, and insurance services.

Apart from most banks USAA does not have physical locations and operates through robust mobile and online platforms. "USAA’s mission is to facilitate the financial security of its members". The institution aims to do that by offering a "full range of services" but as a result their banking members are overwhelmed by a collection of unrelated, complex, and confusing features.

I broke down USAA’s current system and rebuilt it under a single framework that helps members reach their goals faster and more fluidly.

Prototype I
Check Balance & Access Menu

Prototype II
Deposit a Check

Concept Maps

I utilized concept mapping to analyze the original system and rebuild a cohesive ecosystem. As concept maps evolved I was able to refine the relationships between different capabilities and streamline actions.

The concept map at right is the sixth and final that became a guide for design.

Concept Map 1

Concept Map 2

Concept Map 3

Wireframes & Usability Testing

I created wireframes from exploratory sketches to try to test the new ecosystem's functionality and value. Armed with paper and digital prototypes I went to coffee houses and shops asking strangers to the test the new app. I provided them with tasks and observed as they attempted and often succeeded to complete their task. I could not help them because my intervention would disrupt their train of thought. My job was to take notes, turn pages, and observe their emotional experience.

Process Work

Features & Components

By breaking out features and components I was able to reduce the system to its buildable parts. Features are the high level capabilities the service provides the banking member while components are the individual tools that make up features. I used this breakout to evaluate the system with a developer and other designers.

Product Roadmap

After meeting with developers I funneled their insights and the features and components into a roadmap–detailing the product build and launch based on developer work tables: two work weeks equal a sprint. The product roadmap serves as a compass for each product team member to plan by. It is a flexible artifact that helps prioritize the design, build, and testing schedule.