I enjoy learning about people and using those learnings to design valuable experiences. Research begins by shaping an approach, defining assumptions, recruiting participants, crafting interview activities, and prepping the team. In the field any assumptions I have wash away and are replaced with people's stories.

Research Strengths

Content Audit
Sharing Learnings
Coaching on Research

Contextual Research
Interview Activities
Cooperative/Competitive Analysis


I transform learnings into imaginative experiences, both digital and physical. Storyboarding helps to flesh out real life details before prototyping and finding inventive ways to test and measure value with people.

Design Strengths

High Fidelity User Flows
Wireframe Flows
Rapid Prototyping
Usability Testing

Conceptual Modeling
Content Strategy

Strategy & Writing

Strategy is seeing the big picture and how all the details fit together. It's seeing through your partner's lens and developing a cohesive narrative that meets both user and client needs. I have a knack for drawing meaning and connection from complex learnings and rough ideas.

Writing, like drawing, helps me channel creative ideas and share them with others. It's a powerful tool for self-reflection and for sharing and promoting work with partners and clients.

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Creative Facilitation

I have fun, practical drawing tools and planning templates that enable even the newest design thinkers to flesh out ideas, test them with people, and iterate. I've used them in co-creation sessions to help partners participate in design, in presentations to get groups prototyping together, and with my project teams to share ideas.